Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Collage D’Art
Lori Gordon

Collage d’art is the unique creative process developed by Mississippi Gulf Coast artist Lori K. Gordon. Incorporating several artistic methods, the process involves pour painting, monotype printmaking, polymer clay, and the selection of handmade papers.

“Pour painting” is a method in which brushes are discarded as tools. Instead, thinned non-toxic acrylic paints are poured, splattered and sprayed onto paper and allowed to run together. Objects are laid onto the surface and weighed down. As the paint dries, it collects around these items and forms textures and images. An exploration of the monotype process is next. Paint is applied to sheets of acrylic and through a variety of manipulations, the paint is blended to create hand painted paper. Participants then learn how to use polymer clay to create images in relief, and how these elements may be combined in mixed media work. Students are then given the opportunity to select handmade papers from hundreds of choices. The collages d’art are created from this combination of hand painted and handmade papers, fragments of pour paintings, polymer clay, and monotypes.

This method has been taught to students ranging from 6 years old to persons in their 60s, and to college professors of art as well as to people who have never picked up a paintbrush and believe that they have no artistic talent. Workshops are offered on the Mississippi Gulf Coast several times a year, and in other locations around the country. For more information, email the artist at, or call 228.466.9253.
Following are collages created by the artist, as well as photos of workshop participants.Posted by Hello

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